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SUP course

Stand Up Paddle is a sport suitable for all people and rapid learning. Unlike what it might seem, it is really very accessible and does not require much physical condition. 
The Sup is undoubtedly the best way to go to the water and have fun right away, getting closer to the waves and the world of surfing even when you're older or not perfectly trained. The results and the fun really come in a short time. 
The Sup is also a great way to keep fit and take advantage of those days when the conditions are not perfect for surfing.

Duration: 2h 
Material: included 
Groups: 6 pax max 
2 days: 110 € 
4 days: 160 €

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Materiali Top

Materiali top quality e dei migliori brand per facilitare l'apprendimento


Incluso transfer dalla scuola allo spot e ritorno


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