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Kitesurf course

Ideal for learning kitesurfing safely or for experienced kiters who need to get to know the spot

The great beach of Famara is the ideal spot to learn kitesurfing safely and our kitesurfing school has been teaching this discipline for over 20 years to students of all ages.


Our classes last 3 hours and are held for a maximum of 3 students.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or already kite surfing. Included in the cost of the lesson is one of our instructors and all the necessary equipment.

Once on the beach, with safety and fun in mind, we will choose with you the ideal course to improve your technique, safety and style.

Our kitesurfing courses do not have the same duration for everyone but vary according to individual aptitudes, conditions and personal targets because, as we know, everyone learns at different times and with different needs.

Courses are held daily during low tide times to ensure maximum safety and if wind conditions are ideal.

This is why we do not ask for deposits or advances on our programmes: day by day we will assess the conditions and if it is not possible to do the activity we will simply... do something else!


We generally organise lessons of 3 hours each. Some people finish the course after the first three hours, but most do two or three lessons (6 or 9 hours).

Kitesurfing courses are held in the Kite area north of Famara beach: a wide, unobstructed beach with few people all year round.

Here our instructors teach in small groups, so you can learn quickly and safely. Each student will use a board and a sail during the course.

We will start the class by assessing the conditions and the spot together and then getting to know the equipment and doing some small tests to understand everyone's aptitude for kiting or the value of previous experience, this serves our instructors to understand how to proceed and how to set up the lesson.

 Kiting is to all intents and purposes an extreme sport...so be prepared for a 100% safety oriented approach and understanding of the dynamics that can arise.


For those who already have experience or are ready to practice on their own for the price of 40€/hour you can take advantage of our assisted rental.

What does this mean? That one of our instructors will come to the beach with you and help you take off and land. In the meantime he will be ready to come to your aid in case of technical or practical problems or just a few words of encouragement!

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Qualified instructors

All our instructors are certified with ISA, Life Saving, BLS-d and First Aid qualifications.

We speak your language!

We speak Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese.

Qualified kite surf instructors

Classes of 4 students

We guarantee an instructor/student ratio of 1:4.

High-end equipment

Mick Fanning, Jimmy Lewis, Axis foil, Infinity, Slingshot... We only bring the best to the water!


Including transfer from school to spot and back



Ideal for those approaching surfing for the first time or returning after a period of stop.


Improve your technique, style and confidence with us!

During this course, particular attention is paid to style, technique and basic manoeuvres. Our school

Advanced Kitesurfing Course

After the basic kitesurfing course it is normal and understandable not to feel ready to face the ocean