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Kitesurf course

Learn kitesurfing in Lanzarote

The great Famara beach is the ideal spot to learn kitesurfing safely.

If you want to learn how to kitesurf, improve your level or simply want assistance while kitesurfing independently, come visit us.
Our kitesurf school has taught this discipline for over 20 years to students of all ages. In these years we too have learned a lot about how to teach kitesurfing in the fastest, safest and fun way. 
So we developed our kitesurfing courses for beginners of varying duration, modulated according to the attitudes of each student.

Our kitesurfing course does not have the same duration for everyone but varies according to individual attitudes, because we know it, not everyone takes the same time to learn new things.

We generally organize 3-hour lessons each. Someone finishes the course after the first three hours, but most do two or three lessons (6 or 9 hours).

Kitesurfing courses are held in the Kite area north of Famara beach: a wide beach, without obstacles and with few people at any time of the year. Here our instructors teach small groups of up to 3 students each, so you can learn quickly and in total safety. Each student uses a board and a sail.

For everyone, after the course, there is still assistance and safety on the ground with material rental. 

In the event that the conditions do not allow the normal course of the course, it will be possible to interchange kitesurfing lessons with surf, SUP lessons or to spend time with pleasant excursions!

The course includes the use of all the necessary equipment.

Minors must be accompanied by their parents.

We speak your language!

We speak Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese.

Qualified kite surf instructors

Istruttori di kitesurf qualificati

Classes of 4 students

We guarantee an instructor/student ratio of 1:4.

High-end equipment

Mick Fanning, Jimmy Lewis, Axis foil, Infinity, Slingshot... We only bring the best to the water!

Garanzia di condizioni adatte

I nostri corsi si svolgono solo se gli istruttori ritengono le condizioni meteo adatte. Se le condizioni sono pericolose o inadeguate ti proponiamo altre attività


Including transfer from school to spot and back



Learn to surf with us in the beautiful Famara setting

Classes for beginners are held along the seven kilometres of Famara beach. As well as being a place of


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During this course, particular attention is paid to style, technique and basic manoeuvres. Our school

Advanced Kitesurfing Course

After the basic kitesurfing course it is normal and understandable not to feel ready to face the ocean