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Surfing courses

Learn to surf in Lanzarote

The great Famara beach is the ideal spot for safe surfing.

If you want to learn to surf, improve your level or simply want to try surfing or stand up paddle, come see us. 
Our surf school has been teaching this discipline for over 20 years to students of all ages. Learning to surf is certainly fun, if approached in the right way. Otherwise the risk is to waste time and abandon the company in the absence of results. 
Getting closer to surfing with qualified instructors and with the right conditions is the best guarantee of having fun in this sport.
The surf courses for beginners take place at Famara beach where there are excellent weather conditions for learning in total safety. 
Each instructor teaches a maximum of 6 students as per ISA (International Surfing Association) regulations. Each student will have the soft top surfboard available for fast and safe learning.

Private lesson for 1 person € 100 2 people € 80 pp

1 person (2 hours) and equipment rental: € 50 / day, € 135/3 days € 220/5 days

2 people (2 hours) and equipment rental: € 40 / day, € 110/3 days € 175/5 days

3-6 people (2 hours) and material rental: € 35 / day, € 90/3 days € 160/5 days


Qualified instructors

We speak your language

Materiali Top

Materiali top quality e dei migliori brand per facilitare l'apprendimento


Incluso transfer dalla scuola allo spot e ritorno


Advanced Surf course

ADVANCED SURF Course:For what they want to improve their abilidaded.Following the conditions and an ideal

Surf TRIP for experienced surfers

Surf trips including transport by boat or raft to reach the ideal spot.

In special days and conditions we organize Surf-trips on boats or dinghies with destinations where conditions

Kitesurf course

Learn kitesurfing in Lanzarote

The great Famara beach is the ideal spot to learn kitesurfing safely. If you want to learn how to kitesurf,