Courses SUP

Endless beaches where you can learn kitesurfing safely or improve your level on the waves. Various Surf spots for all levels and for all tastes, from long-wave longboard or aggressive by shorty . With the SUP you can choose to ride the waves or go out for a cruiser admiring the breathtaking backdrop .

SUP course

Stand Up Paddle is a sport suitable for all people and rapid learning. Unlike what it might seem, it is really very accessible and does not require much physical condition. The Sup is undoubtedly the best way to go to the water and have fun right away, getting closer to the waves and the world

Corso di SUP wave

Lezioni 1 a 1 dove ti portiamo a surfare le migliori onde per il sup a Lanzarote.  Durata: 2h Materiale: Incluso Gruppo: 1 pax 2 giorni: 140€ 4 giorni: 205 € *sconti per gruppi o se vieni con un amico.