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Advanced Kitesurfing Course

After the basic kitesurfing course it is normal and understandable not to feel ready to face the ocean alone. In our school we are able to support each student during his progression with private lessons or simple assistance.

For those who are already able to surf, we offer private courses of improvement of technique and posture, but also advanced stages of freestyle, jumps, wave and strapless.

The spot of Famara offers world class conditions ideal for lovers of wave riding, or simply for those who want to approach surfing with a surf.

Each advanced lesson includes a video analysis, essential for analyzing the technique and improving. The instructor follows the student with a GOPRO sailing a short distance.

We speak your language

Qualified kite surf instructors

Istruttori di kitesurf qualificati

Materiali Top

Materiali top quality e dei migliori brand per facilitare l'apprendimento

Garanzia di condizioni adatte

I nostri corsi si svolgono solo se gli istruttori ritengono le condizioni meteo adatte. Se le condizioni sono pericolose o inadeguate ti proponiamo altre attività


Mettiamo la sicurezza dei nostri allievi sempre al primo posto. Puoi fidarti dei nostri istruttori


Incluso transfer dalla scuola allo spot e ritorno


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