Offer second hend surf tech!

Histotic surf boards for sale for qwuiverrenewal!

These models are built wit epoxy tecnology:

Wiayne Lynch 6'7 x 18 1/2 x 2 7/16  fcs fins sistem truster.

Surf for fast end powerful wave,great in the barrels!

I would recommended this surf board to surfer with technique or weighing between 60 to 75kg.

The surf has been repaired and therefore the cost is 200€.

Jimmy Lewis 6'1 x 18 1/4 truster fins sistem.

Hawaian stile surf , square tail that alloow snaps and fast change of direction;Great for  kitesurfing strep less!

The advise to intermediate or experienced surfers and a weigth between 70/80kg.

It is in perfect condition and the cost is 300€.

Channel island flyer 6'1 x 18 3/4x 2 1/4  truster fcs fins sistem

Surfing that has made histoty and mother of many similar models.

This surf is good for many wave condition, dedicate to a large audience that has good surfing grounds and a weight of between 60/80kg.The surf does not

have important repairs and the cost is 250€.

Byrne  6'2  x 18 3/8 x 2 3/8 truster fcs fins sistem.

The featureof this surf board is the channels that give it extra speed and control.

tall surfer weighing up to 85kg  can use this board under strong wave conditions!


They follow two surf products here a Lanzarote by two famous shapers.

Burkley 6'2 x 19.75 x 2.38 x 32L 5 box fcs fins sistem.

Girls or yung readers can be considered a minimalibu, but more experienced surfers will use it as a step-up!

The width is moved forward and the nose is round so the board enters in the wave very heasily.

Surf very funny in many conditions. The price is €200 for having been repaired. 

Mark Phipps 5'6 x 19 378 x2 3/8 x 29L

Beach wave surf . The board has massive tail that  keeps floating in low power waves and helps in maneuvering , the flat rocker at a lot of speed.

Surfers between 160/170 cm and not to heavy,wit good technics will surprise even in the fastest and most powerful wave conditions.

Is in perfect condition: 300€.






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