Offer second hend surf tech!

Histotic surf boards for sale for qwuiverrenewal!

These models are built wit epoxy tecnology:

Wiayne Lynch 6'7 x 18 1/2 x 2 7/16  fcs fins sistem truster.

Surf for fast end powerful wave,great in the barrels!

I would recommended this surf board to surfer with technique or weighing between 60 to 75kg.

The surf has been repaired and therefore the cost is 200€.

WHAT is going on?

Aye there Dear Friends of this World...i hope evryone feels awesome as we do on this side of reality..

Onw of the things i love more on our beautiful island of Lanzarote is what i call the Extreme factor...the horizon is so vast and infinite from our point of view that how much extreme is everything becomes a clear fact and the two opposites is just a concept...not good and bad ( that is just an illusion), but the strenght of a tempest compared to the calm of an amzing beautiful sunriswe from the roof at my home.

Merry X-Mas!!!

A Great Christmas to all of you, wave-lovers around the globe!!!
We wish a great time during these holidays!!
Don't forget to book a flight to Lanzarote, the Happy Island!!
We'll be waiting for you!!

All the best surfers!!

Jimmy Lewis Meeting 2015 Full Video

Here you are the FULL VIDEO from the Jimmy Lewis Meeting here in Lanzarote... great footage taken by a drone over the gorgeous Playa de Famara, an icredible SUP spot for wave lovers... enjoy the view...

Canary Islands Surf Film Award 2016

“Canary Islands Surf Film Award” is a unique opportunity to show, in an audiovisual project, the diversity and passion of the riders from all over the world who gather in the Canary Islands thanks to the magical conditions.

Save the Waves Film Festival

Save The Waves Film Festival is an international film tour and fundraiser in November of each year – a benefit for Save The Waves’ environmental programs and campaigns. Movies alone can’t change the world – but the people who watch them can. Save The Waves documentary films and the Film Festival educate and inspire audiences to protect the coastline. Our interest is not to make films promoting nor glorifying activism, but rather film as activism.

SurfArt Corner

with great pleasure, we have dedicated a corner of the surf shop, to expose the works of Surfart of our friend and colleague Simone de Rubeis .

Jimmy Lewis Crew in Lanzarote

Finally landed in Lanzarote the Jimmy Lewis team, with a great New Quiver to bare!!
Come to LANZAROTEKITE shop to find out all the new Quiver avaible here with us!

Stay tuned!!

Ready for this??

A great week of waves is waiting for us here in Lanzarote!! Ocean is on fire!! ready for this???

Wave Season officially started!!

Every year, september comes and brings powerful and glassy waves until the end of the winter!!
Lanzarote is a pefect place where you can get smooth and perfect waves in the dozens surf spots around the island!!
Come get your fun!

Surfing season 2015

Finally autumn came...the best period for surfing...sunny, glassy and hot water

Surf Trip Maldives

Here our video from the surf trip that Gianni Cilio organized in Maldives...

Sunny windy week coming up!

Hey everybody! we'll be waiting for you here @ LANZAROTEKITE to offer you a magical week of wind and sun here on the breathtaking Famara beach, where you can move the first steps into kitesurfing, or upgrade your kite skills with us!

Famara festival

En Caleta de Famara durante la segunda mitad del mes de agosto se celebran las fiestas en honor al Sagrado corazón de María, esta es una de las fiestas más divertidas y multitudinarias de la isla, la localidad recibe una media de 6.000 personas diarias para disfrutar de su programa de actos, entre ellos destacar las verbenas nocturnas y las verbenas de agua diurnas.

Kite courses 2015

Amazing days of sun and wind for the kitesurf. Call us and book your course

Wind in on our side!

Great days of wind this week, my kiters frinds!!!
Bring your kite and your boards and come along to Playa de Famara... great wind and big waves are waiting for us all!!

EFPT 2015

desde el 8 al 12 de julio en lanzarote se celebrará el campeonato europeo de windsurf freestyle

Girls Power!!

Sunny days and glassy small waves are what expect you here in Famara Beach, the perfect spot where you can learn surfing in the safest and easiest way!!
Fun guaranteed!!!

Sunny Windy Days

Great sunny days to enjoy the first steps into KITESURFING with Lanzarotekite!!
Congratulations to our new kiters Marco, Pedro, Oliver and Andreas!!
Well done my friends and welcome into the wind-love-state!!! ;-)


everyday a surf trip to the best spot in Canary Island. Book a dream holiday with us...!!!

London Surfing!!

A Special Greeting to our friends from London who came here in Lanzarote to surf its wonderful waves in the gorgeous spot of Playa de Famara!!


In May, LANZAROTEKITE offers you the possibility to stay 7 night in our SurfHouse (with sea-view terrace and wi-fi included) and Rent our surftech boards (epoxy-resin) for the whole week at the Special price if 159 euro!!


Reservations can be made through the website www.lanzarotekite.com or through our Facebook page LANZAROTEKITE!!


La Derecha de la Santa World Class Wave

Great days for surfing these days @ La Derecha de la Santa, the most powerful right wave on the island.. these days is getting its best, showing off what a World Class Wave can do!! have a look at the pictures!! enjoy...

RED BULL RIVALS - Canarias vs Peninsula

Choose your team, Canarias o Península, and subscribe from 5th April  2015 in the category that suits you: Free Surfer, Junior o Girl

Everyday is a Surf Trip

Breathtaking scenary and perfect waves...
Lanzarotekite will take you everyday to the best spots of the island!


Good morning Surfers!!!

Here at LANZAROTEKITE we just want to advice our current and future costumers that we're now offering a new service!!
We will provide you a young a smart Babysitter for your kids, while you're busy in your Surf/KIte/Sup session!!!
Since now on, you can organize your holidays and sport sessions with your beloved ones, having full time for your favourite sports!!


Sup Fun!

Here you are a small video that shows you the beauty of Famara Beach and the great fun you can easly get with a board down your feet and a paddle in your hands!


LANZAROTEKITE is on facebook!

Follow all the updates on weather and sea condition on our Facebook page!

Quemao Class Finals

Last Sunday Jose María Cabrera won the Quemao Class 2015 in epic conditions that remind of the Pipeline.

Kitesurf Lessons for Beginners and Intermediate

Here with us at LANZAROTEKITE you are always updated about wind and tides, every moment of the day so that you can get the best conditions for your lesson.
You'll be side by side with an istructor which will help you to start this great sport or to advance in it!

Here at LANZAROTEKITE you can also RENT the material you need for your session (and you don' t want to take with you on a

January in Lanzarote

January is giving us wonderful conditions for kiting. Call us for infos about the courses and the accomodations

Secret spots...

Call us to book an unforgettable day in one of the secret spots of the Island of Lanzarote

Epic day...!

Today was an epic day at "Derecha del Barco" - Famara - Lanzarote

Quemao Class Competition

From the 8 to 20 of January in Lanzarote starts the Quemao Class Competition...in the most dangerous wave of the island...

The bad weather is gone...!!!

After a few days of bad weather, the sun is back...and we expect very good waves during the week

Kite lessons

Book your kite lesson...with us You'll learn fast and safely

Wonderful Windy Week on the way!!

Wind is on the way my friends!

Come over and book your KITESURFING lesson with us @ LANZAROTEKITE in the gorgeous Playa de Famara!!

Surf Festival Teguise

Special weekend here in Lanzarote with the surf competition at the muelle of Famara

Kite lessons

During this weekend we had perfect conditions for our kite lessons...

Holidays 2014-2015

Book a dream holiday here in Lanzarote ... staying in our surfhouse

Kite lessons

The wind keeps on blowing for all the week. Kite lessons everyday. Call us!

Kite courses

Windy week...call us to book a kite lesson..

JL Meeting

Thanks to Jimmy Lewis team and its riders for this fantastic week .

JL Meeting

Jimmy Lewis Europe meeting at Lanzarote.


Surf Trip at Secret Spot...!!

Would you like to discover the secret spots in Lanzarote? call us!!

Looking for the best location in Lanzarote for your next surf holiday?

If you are travelling alone, you love surfing or you would like to learn and you are looking for the ideal destination, easy to reach and not too expensive, come to Lanzarote and contact Lanzarote kite 

We can provide a comfortable surf house where you will meet other people travelling just like you and our school offers a wide list of possibilities: surf, kite and SUP classes, the rental of good surf equipments.


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